Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu - March 1-7

This past week I haven't actually cooked that much... My mom has made a lot of meals that we've enjoyed eating! I have been spending a lot of my 'free' time designing my blog background. I have enjoyed it, and hopefully there are not any glitches - if there are let me know!

Life this week is a little more interesting as my sister, her husband and her 4 boys are visiting. It is great to see them! They really came to see my little sister (as a late coming home from the hospital present.) My son was a little shy last night when they got here (partly because they came right after I put him down for a nap, which equaled NO nap.) They're all okay after a night's sleep though.

Sorry but no pictures this week... due to family visiting I don't want to take the time to edit photos. I will however be posting pictures on Thursday (my post will be later in the day as my sister's family is leaving on Thursday.)

Here's our weekly menu:

Monday: French Bread sandwich (purchased from the deli...)

Tuesday: Bacon Pepperjack stuffed chicken breasts with Carrot butternut soup

Wednesday: Lemon Pepper Chicken, Alfredo and Penne (we did not have fettuccine), Lemon Carrots

Thursday: Roast (Made by my mom)

Friday: Shredded BBQ Sandwiches (Made by my mom)

Saturday: Shredded BBQ Sandwiches (Made by my mom)

Sunday: Taco Soup (Made by my mom)

Be sure to vote for which recipe you want to see on Thursday in the poll on the left hand side!

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