Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Resolutions Week 6, how are your goals coming?

 Week Six of Resolutions...

- I had extra dessert this week... Hubby made a red velvet cake and there went that. I had 3 slices...

- I made a carrot butternut soup last night as my one new recipe this week.

- So last week I exercised a lot, this week I only exercised 2 days (but two days is still better than one or none which is what I would ususally do.) Thursday and Friday my abs were so sore it hurt to laugh so I really did not feel like doing anything. Then my son hasn't slept very well and I realized that it is hard for me to get motivated to exercise when I feel like a zombie.

- New month and I need to pick out a book to read!

- I don't think I spent 2 hours of 'me' time this week. I've been trying to design a new blog background so that is taking up my free time... and I said I would not count blogging. It has been fun though!

How are your goals coming?

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