Friday, March 5, 2010

Foodless Friday: Haircuts

About 2 weeks ago I gave my son his first hair cut. It was an adventure!
We sat him in his high chair to cut his hair. He was so excited!
Until he realized he was not going to be eating. "You're going to do WHAT?!"
This is a shot of his hair from behind for comparison. It just makes me jealous... I think his hair is absolutely beautiful, it has highlights and lowlights. This is the hair I want.
First, I ran the clippers through his hair. Then I made the photographer help me while I used scissors to touch it up. So no pictures of the touch up... I'm sure you can understand!
Look at that cute boy with a brand new hair cut!
And the view from behind. I did fix the haircut a bit more the next day (and we HAD to stop this night due to my son not cooperating at all anymore.)


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