Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Resolutions week 7, how are your goals coming?

Here's my last week's goal tracking:

- I have not been as strict with my sugar intake this past week, I need to get back on track...

- I made Marshmallow Fondant this past week, it turned out pretty well.

- This past week I went on two walks, yesterday it was 2.5 miles up and down hills with a puppy and a stroller. I also cleaned a lot of house, which turned out to be a pretty good workout! I have realized that the amount of sleep I get influences my desire to work out (you'd have thought that I would have figured this out by now!)

- I still need to pick out a book to read (it will have to wait until family visit is over!)

- I don't think I spent 2 hours of 'me' time this week, but since we were getting ready for family to visit that is understandable.

How are your goals coming?


  1. MArshmellow fondant?
    YUM. Hope U posted the recipe.
    Is it easy to make?

    Just curious. I am just not getting into all the cake decorating stuff lately.
    I love baking.
    Stopping by from MMB of course.
    Your blog ROCKS!

  2. I actually linked the recipe I used. It turned out well and is fairly easy to make.
    Thanks for the compliment ;).

  3. You could read Angels Don't Knock by Dan Yates. Apparently there are sequels or something so if you like it you can read the collection! That should keep you busy for a while!


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