Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu: Sept. 6-12 (and a few other items)

Happy Monday everybody... I'm trying to be upbeat and pretend my son had a good night last night (which means I'm not completely exhausted), is completely healthy and has not given whatever sickness he has to me.

We had a pretty good menu last week, but before I get to that - I want to discuss a few things... You may have noticed the Project Food Blog profile link to the left. I have decided to enter the challenge to improve myself as a blogger and well the thought of winning first prize ($10,000) sounds absolutely wonderful! It would pay off my husband's student loan ;). For more information about it, click here.

Second I want to start a new feature on this blog - I want to have a monthly cooking challenge. I was recently trying to come up with an original recipe for a challenge I saw (with a prize and all that.) As I trying to come up with something I realized that in order to become a better cook I need to have something that stretches me. Then I thought that some of you may want to join in. So here is my idea: Once a month I will issue a challenge and give you two weeks to come up with a recipe to enter the challenge. (Challenges will be different each month and will include challenges such as use X number of given ingredients for a main dish; using ingredient x create a whole meal - appetizer, main course, dessert; Using 3 ingredients come up with a main course dish that takes 30 minutes or less; etc.) The only thing is I have not worked out judging and what the winner gets. I also want to know your thoughts on the matter - is this something you would be interested in doing? Feel free to share any thoughts you may have on this! 

Now for our menu:

Monday (Labor Day): T-Bone Steaks, grilled corn and squash

Tuesday: Tomato Cream Pasta - somehow I made this and forgot to take pictures... however The Pioneer Woman posted a recipe that is close to what I made a few days after I made my version - hers just sounds better... check it out here.
Wednesday: Philly Cheese Steak Pitas
 Thursday: Chicken Strips, Baked beans and peas

Friday: Frozen Pizza
Saturday: Stuffed Green Peppers

Sunday: Individual Beef Wellingtons (made by my mom)

Vote for which recipe you want to see on Thursday!

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