Friday, September 17, 2010

Foodless Friday: Oops... Ouch!

Two days ago I was cooking dinner and using a lot of my counter space so I placed a cookie sheet on the edge of the sink. A few minutes later that pan I had pulled out of a 475 degree oven had not cooled off very much when I got a little too close to it. Okay a LOT too close to it!
This is my arm - just in case any of you were confused.
This is a scar I have on my arm... I had bump on it that was growing little bumps inside it. This weird phenomena was caused by an arachnid bite. I found this out after my doctor removed it. Later it started growing back and had to have a shot of steroids. True story, but has nothing to do with my burn. I just thought I'd show you that I'm going to have parallel scars.
This is what happened when my arm collided with the hot cookie sheet. I highly suggest avoiding this!

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