Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu - April 12-18 - Poll is UP now...

About a month ago I posted that I need to start making menus... It worked for a week or two, but now I'm back into a rut. It is probably because some of the meals I wanted to make had ingredients that are not in season and I did not want to pay for not in season items. I need to do better at making my menus again so I have the items on hand. When I make menus, I do not say on Monday I'm having such and such, I plan out about 10 meals that I want to make and have the stuff on hand for each meal, then I decide each day what we're eating out of those meals. That way I can take my daily cravings into consideration. I find it works so much better for me.

Here's the menu we had: 

Monday: French Dip Sandwich

Tuesday: Quinoa Salad

Wednesday: My Grandfather's Awful Waffles (despite the name, they are quite delicious! They are made from uncooked wheat berries.)

Thursday: Grilled Steaks (Made by my Mom)

Friday: BBQ Beef Tortilla Pizza (same as BBQ Chicken Tortilla Pizza, except I used strips cut from a roast)

Saturday: Open Face Beef Sandwich (Made by my Mom)

Sunday: Ham Steaks, Breakfast Potatoes and Pancakes

Be sure to vote for which recipe you want to see on Thursday!
Also I'd love to hear what you all are having for dinners! Post your entire menu or just your favorite from the past week!

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  1. I will vote for the French dip sandwich! I haven't had those in so long and I love them!


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