Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here's my goals this past week:

Sugar Intake Reduction -  I've done really well this last week. Yesterday I was helping my friend do some work on the house they just bought and we went out for a shake, but I only ate half and indecently left it in her freezer... I've been trying to eat more fruit as sweets lately.

One New recipe per week - Yesterday I made toffee almonds (sorry I'm not posting that recipe as it did not work out as good as it could have - there was too much butter as well as it was starting to burn - but we don't need to discuss that part.)

Exercise 3 times per week - I'm pretty much back into my pattern of 3 exercise videos per week. Now I just need to do better at my afternoon walks (but I am meeting my goal of exercising 3 times per week!)

Read 1 good book per month - Reported about the book I read two weeks ago.

How are your goals coming? If you've posted about your goals you can add them to the Linky thing below!

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