Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu - April 5-11

This past week I did not do so great at taking pictures of dinners... I only took 2 (as you can see I am using the one from last week for the leftovers post.) I'll do better next week and actually take pictures!

Also recently I've been thinking a lot about what I'd want to be when I 'grow up.' My undergraduate major was Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. I decided my last semester that I did not want to pursue a Master's Degree in this field (required to actually work - but I did graduate so I have a bachelor's degree.) Since then I've been wondering what I should do. While my husband was in grad school attending classes I was fortunate enough to work in his department as a grad student coordinator (except for my husband the undergrad dealt with his stuff...) and as a financial specialist. It worked out great for us because we got to see each other and were in the same building. So if I were to go back to school right now, I have a few ideas of what I'd want to do:
 1. Audiologist - it requires a PhD and I'm not sure I'd want to go back to school for 4 more years!
 2. Marriage Therapist
 3. Marriage and Financial Therapist (it actually amazes me how many people are not good with money, not that I'm perfect but we do pretty well.)
 4. Photographer
 5. Pastry Chef
Who knows, maybe I'll pursue one of these or something totally different. I'm planning on going back to school when my son (and possible future children) start school. My husband and I decided that I was going to stay at home with our children. It's fun to think about what to become in the future, it reminds me of high school when I was so full of hope in the future, knowing exactly what I wanted to become - I decided on being a Speech Language Pathologist my junior year and kept that goal for about 8 years (I took 2 years off from college and transferred so it took me a little longer)...  What do you want to be when you 'grow up'?

Enough babbling... here's the menu:

Monday: Leftovers of Easter Dinner

Tuesday: Ate out

Wednesday: Feta Chicken Pasta and Strawberries & Cream

Thursday: Chicken Tacos and Strawberries & Cream

Friday (sorry no picture): Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches (These were just normal BLT's except we used Guacamole as a spread.)

Saturday: Tacos

Sunday (sorry no pictures): Roast with Garlic Cheddar Mashed Potatoes (8-10 medium potatoes, 5 cloves garlic - crushed, 1/2 to 1 cup grated cheddar cheese, 1/4 cup butter, heavy cream and salt to taste) and Carrots

Be sure to vote for which recipe you want to see on Thursday! (Poll has been moved to the left hand side.)
I'd love to hear what you had for dinner last week! Or your favorite meal you had!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. what a fun site you have.. and a great concept. I love getting ideas from other people's dinners. So thanks!

  2. Mmm, those all look yummy! :)
    I love staying at home with my kiddo... it's fun, although it does have it's challenges. I just wish I was better with meal planning (I'm doing ok right now... but that's because I'm planning for baby too).

  3. Love the tacos! Aren't taco bars so much fun? A great way to have a low key dinner party with friends.

    Hee hee, when I read: "Feta Chicken Pasta with Strawberries and Cream" I thought the stawberries and cream were IN the pasta! :)

  4. I just changed the wording so hopefully others won't be confused about that as well. That definitely would have been interesting (but probably not that good)!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I too had trouble settling on exactly what I wanted to do for a career. I ran the gamut from being an admissions counselor at a college to a product marketer at an electronics distributor. Take your time and enjoy finding your way - remember, it's the journey, not the destination!


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