Monday, May 14, 2012

Menu: May 7-13

I hope all of you had a wonderful mother's day and were able to remember how wonderful (hopefully) your mother is! I also hope that those of you who are mothers were able to have a wonderful day... We were all feeling a bit under the weather so it wasn't the perfect day it could have been (has anybody really ever had the perfect mother's day? If so please feel free to leave a comment telling me how, because for me they tend be the day that things don't happen like they should and it is better at reminding me everything being a mom entails!)

Something else I realized - I shouldn't bottle and process 6 jars of jam and 3 jars as well as 4 freezer jars of syrup the day before Mother's day... at least not if I want a clean kitchen on that day (especially not if my husband isn't feeling very well! He did do dishes twice on Saturday but there is still stuff to be cleaned up... and so far today I've done pretty good at ignoring it!) However, I am excited to have strawberry jam and syrup! On that note, have I mentioned that this year is the first time I've ever canned anything (well besides helping when I was younger.) The first thing I every canned all by myself was spaghetti sauce... then I made strawberry jam. I have to say that if you're planning on canning for the first time - jam is SO MUCH EASIER than spaghetti sauce. I highly recommend starting with something simpler than spaghetti sauce - even just canning whole tomatoes would be better! The spaghetti sauce took the whole day. Whereas the jam only takes 1-2 hours. Just a hint for those of you who like me have never canned and decide to try it. 

I should really get off my tangents and talk about our menu...  This week we had: 
Grilled Chicken, veggies and twice baked potatoes

Chili Rellenos

Ate out (this was the day I had my glucose screening test and was really tired on top of it!)

Tropical Chicken with Coconut Rice

What did you have to eat last week?

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