Monday, May 21, 2012

Menu: May 14-20

A list for today:
1. I'm tired
2. Have I mentioned that I'm sleepy? 6.5 hours of sleep is not enough for me...
3. I'm 30 weeks pregnant.
4. I have to get up at least 2 times (most likely 3) every night for a bathroom break.
5. I want to get a whole night's sleep without waking up.
6. How many of you are laughing at number 5? I know I did!
7. Pet Peeve: being told to get as much sleep as I can now... (before the baby arrives)
8. My heartburn is getting worse... I've already had to move to taking at least 1 Zantac 150 every day. (Some days I can get away with just one... today is not one of them!)
9. My son is sleeping and instead of taking a nap I took a shower... sometimes being clean supersedes getting sleep!
10. I'm not excited about actually cooking dinner tonight.
11. I did 2 loads of dishes today and my kitchen is still not clean...
12. Dishes did not get done yesterday.
13. If cooking didn't require doing dishes I'd be so much more enthusiastic about it!
14. Anybody want to come be a dishwasher at my house? 
15. Didn't think so...
16. I'm on the two week visit schedule at the OB's office.
17. Why does 10 weeks seem like such a long time?
18. Why does 10 weeks seem like a short time when I remember all I want/need to get done before then?
19. Have I mentioned I'm tired...
20. I need to go start making dinner...

Speaking of dinner, here's what we had for dinners this past week:
Spinach Bacon Quiche (I made this crustless and used regular onion instead of leeks)-we had for dinner 2 nights- with pineapple (one night was actually apples) and steamed broccoli
Bacon PepperJack Stuffed Chicken, broccoflower, honeydew melon

Breakfast Burritos, bananas and steamed asparagus  (was going to be chicken chile rellenos, but the chicken I'd just shredded ended up dumped on the floor due to one clumsy little mistake! Not a happy occurrence. I used the peppers in the burritos though.) 
Chicken Finger Salad (just a simple salad with chicken fingers.)
Mac & Cheese, cauliflower and honeydew melon

What did you have for dinner? Anything fun or interesting?

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  1. I made a pretty baller burrito with some leftover ground chicken - just the usual cumin, chipotle powder, and cayenne I always do for seasoning, but I threw some fresh oregano leaves into the black beans while I cooked them, and I had some green onion and lettuce to throw in, which makes things more fun...

    What I'm really excited about, though, is going to Tasty Burger, where I have never been, on Thursday! Look at that menu and tell me it doesn't just about make you faint with joy. Bonus points: they've got a video from the other site I blog for, MassBytes, on the sidebar!


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