Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Menu: May 21-27

I hope you had a great Memorial Day. My family and I did. We got to spend time at my parent's house, then we went to the cemetery (late afternoon, which was nice as there weren't nearly as many people there!) Since we got my husband GPS unit for Christmas we were able to mark the locations of graves in my family with it so we can find them easily! (This cemetery has my Great Grandmother & Grandfather, Great Aunts & Uncles, my Grandparents and my little brother (I can always find his though). I'm sure there are more than I know of that I'm actually related to, but that will have to wait until another year!) I plan on making (or having my cartographer husband) make a map for my mom because she can never find her grandparents. 

After the cemetery we stopped by a store and browsed. Then went out to eat dinner and tried to find some local geocaches. We're still both very much amateurs at it and it can take us a while to find them, yesterday we didn't have too much luck... Of course it was getting dark so we didn't have too much time to actually devote to it! Overall it was a great day and we enjoyed the time we got to spend together! I hope you all had a wonderful day as well.

Now on to the Menu, this week we had: 

French Onion Soup, pulled pork sandwiches and carrots
Pork Quesadillas (had twice)
Leftover Night (It was a nice conglomeration of leftover food! That totally didn't go together...)

What did you have for dinner last week? Or what are you planning for this week?

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