Monday, August 16, 2010

Menu: August 9-15 (Well... sort of.)

This past week has been anything but ordinary... It started out Monday when I was just about to get out of bed when my husband brought my son down to me because my mom had called an ambulance to come get my little sister whose heart rate was 250 bpm and he needed to help her out. (Yep I'm still living in my parent's basement and we're really trying to change that situation!) We were planning on leaving bright and early the next morning to go to my husband's family reunion so I half-heatedly tried to get ready for a few hours. Then my mom called and said they were transporting my sister to the University Hospital (3 hours away) because she had a bone infection. I washed some clothes for my mom and they were pretty much done by the time she came home to pack. Then about 5 minutes after she left to go to the hospital, I found her duffel bag and pillow right by the door, so I ran that into her. Shortly before I got to the hospital my sister's blood pressure dropped to 80's/30's, and they decided to have the helicopter come to get her. I was going to run a few errands (I had my son with me so going into the ER was out) and then take my dad home (mom had taken his vehicle to come home after riding to the hospital in the ambulance.) I arrived back at the hospital about 15 minutes before the helicopter took off, so my son got to see it leave which was fun for him. My sister got to see my son, who she adores - so I was glad about that. The next day Hubby and I got ready to go to his reunion (we had decided to go the night before.) We arrived at the campground just as it was getting dark enough we had to use a lantern to help set up the tent.

We eventually found out (on Wednesday) that my sister has a staph infection in her blood, a lung infection (legionella or Legionnaires' disease), and a bone infection. She spent 1 day in ICU, 3 days in Intermediate Care and is now in a regular hospital room. We're grateful that she's doing as well as she is due to the fact that any one of those three sicknesses could put a patient in ICU for a while.

We came home from our reunion on Friday, stopping by my sister's hospital room (Well taking turns as she was still in Intermediate Care and my son cannot visit there...) Saturday I started to feel sick and I am still feeling the effects of the flu (I originally thought it was a head cold but the body aches suggested otherwise.) So I take full liberties if any of this post does not make sense!

Needless to say I haven't cooked anything this past week... but here's our menu anyway:

Monday: Stopped and got fast food after my sister left on the helicopter
Tuesday: Had dinner on the road (I got a salad)
Wednesday: Reunion Dinner - hamburgers
Thursday: Reunion Dinner - Chicken Taco Salad
Friday: Had a late lunch so didn't really eat dinner
Saturday: Frozen Pizza
Sunday: Hubby made pancakes and scrambled eggs

The poll will be from the past two weeks since I haven't had a poll with family visiting, etc. Vote for which recipe you want to see on Thursday.

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