Friday, August 6, 2010

Foodless Friday: Things aren't always what they seem

I have not kept it a secret that I love birdwatching. We have a hummingbird feeder at my parent's house and we've had a few different species of hummingbirds. One looks fairly plain with a black head, but if caught in the right light, it actually has a purple neck patch. I love being able to see it!
This photo above shows it, but below I posted a close up so you'll be able to see it better. (Plus I'm really proud of this photo of a hummingbird, I think it is great!)
I love how if you just casually look at this bird you miss the most beautiful feature. How many times we do that with so many aspects of our lives! 


  1. Beautiful pictures! We should install a bird feeder too. Our boys would love it.

    Following from Mom Loop.

  2. Cute! I never knew hummingbirds had purple on them. So pretty! I'm visiting from Mom Loop comment Friday. I really like your blog. It'd be great if you could follow me back @

  3. My grandmother always had one of those red hummingbird feeders in her yard. I've always been fascianted by those birds. Since childhood, they are also a reminder of her. Stressful morning here-- your post just made me smile in such a needed way at the memories. Just wanted to let yuou know : )

    ps- BF FF visitor


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