Friday, August 7, 2009

May Be Foodless Friday: Happy Birthday Val!

Welcome to May Be Foodless Friday. Today's post is Foodless since today is my younger sister's birthday, this post goes out to her.

This is Valerie on her birthday in 2007. Just before we moved to the midwest so my husband could attend grad school.
Valerie loves playing boardgames, getting her nails done,
she loves horses (she calls them cows), she also likes cows,
and she really loves her nephews (my sister has 4 boys).
This is my little sister with my baby when she came to visit (with my parents and brother). I have to tell you the story of my family come to see me and my baby. The first time they tried the freeway was closed in Wyoming (and Colorado) because of a HUGE snowstorm so they were unable to come that time and turned back. The second time they started out on Thursday, that night Valerie had a seizure and was put in the hospital. They kept her there and on Saturday the doctor came in to release her, my mom asked, "Valerie, do you want to go home" thinking that she would perk up to be leaving. She didn't perk up or even smile. They kept her in until later that afternoon when it hit my mom and she asked, "Valerie, Do you want to go see Crystal and the Baby?" She smiled and they soon started on their way to see us.

I love my sister, she is an amazing person! She came to see me even after being in the hospital (ok so it was really to see her nephew, but I'm okay with that!) I also think my mom is a saint! It took them 5 days to get from their house to mine - Thursday to Monday (they have to drive because of all the medical stuff they bring with them - not to mention wheelchairs and airplanes don't always get along.) Yet they came because to my mom family is that important and Valerie would have been mad at her if they hadn't. Hopefully when my husband finishes his degree and gets a full time job, we will be able to move closer to family. Valerie would love that (so would my mom).
Isn't this just so sweet?!?

I won't be seeing her this year for her birthday since she is 1311 miles or 19 hours and 53 minutes (that is time driving, going speed limit - no stops) away and life isn't permitting trips like that currently (which after what she went through to see me does make me feel like a horrible sister). I love you Val and we'll see you as soon as we can!

Happy Birthday Valerie!

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