Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review: Eggo Fruit Pizzas

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I recently received a couple of Eggo’s Real Fruit Pizzas to try out. I'm not the hugest frozen food fan, but I thought these sounded great - fruit and yogurt pizzas. They were delivered to my home in a box and were still perfectly frozen. A day or two later I made both of them. They come in two different flavors: Mixed Berry Granola
and Strawberry Granola.
I cooked the mixed berry pizza in the microwave. Inside the package is a cardboard square with a circle in the center, you place the pizza on the circle to cook it in the microwave.
I cooked the strawberry pizza in the oven. I put it on a pie plate to cook it. You can see by the size of it in the pie plate the basic size of the pizza.
As with most pre-frozen items with toppings, they are not evenly distributed. That is one thing that drives me nuts about some frozen pizzas - I HATE it when all the pepperoni is on two or three slices...
I ate half of each pizza and shared the other halves with my husband. Verdict: they tasted pretty good, but not anything spectacular. I was pleasantly surprised that the berry pizza crust (microwaved) was almost as crispy as the strawberry one that was baked.
Then came the shocking moment:
12-13 grams of fat in one of these pizzas and 400 calories (Nutrition info and image taken from Eggo's website). This is definitely NOT a diet food!
I may buy these as a special treat (translation: once per year or less) but probably not. I wasn't that impressed by them. However if you are the type that likes frozen waffles and such, you may want to give them a try.

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  1. Okay, I've tried these as well and I absolutely LOVE them! Let me point out that unsaturated fats and fiber are way you need to analyze the nutrition facts a bit closer. 4 grams of fiber in one serving of a food is AMAZING and most of the fats are unsaturated and in total the fats only contribute 110 calories to total calories. Yes, that's a fourth, but it's better than half or two thirds like a lot of frozen processed foods. Did you also look at the ingredients list? I know the fiber is in there because the first ingredient is whole grain flour/what not AND the oats are whole and steel cut if I remember correctly.
    Also, did you notice there are 10 grams of protein?! That's wonderful for there being no meat--esp. red. This is not a horrible food--I agree not the healthiest--but pretty great for what's out there. I love them as they are and if I ate them differently I'd just add more low-fat yogurt and frozen or fresh berries...
    I'll end with a challenge...make your own healthy version that you can freeze and eat whenever you want! <3 you!


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