Monday, August 2, 2010

Menu: July 26-31

This past week has been a crazy fun week due to my older sister and her 4 boys visiting. Her husband also came to join us on Saturday. They'll be here for another week and then we'll be going to my husband's family reunion the next week so I'm going to be intermittent next week and MIA the week after that. There won't be any poll this week due to no new recipes (except Kabobs, but as I still don't have any pictures of those - I'll have to wait to do that recipe!) I'll see you on Wednesday for the Bread Tutorial Part 3.

Menu - no pictures, but there are links to all recipes I've posted.

Monday: Swedish Meatballs (I made the meatballs and my sister made the sauce.)

Tuesday: Taco/Nacho (Another cooperative effort by my older sister and I)

Wednesday: hamburgers & Hotdogs (grilled)

Thursday: Stuffed Rolls (I have not forgotten that I'm going to post this recipe... I'll be doing it after I finish with the bread tutorial.)

Friday: Spaghetti

Saturday: Stuffed Shells (except I used only parmesan, not parmesan and asiago.)

Sunday: Kabobs (made by my older sister and her husband.)

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