Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu: August 23-29

Well this past week has been an interesting one... my little sister is back in the hospital, but with any luck she'll be out again tomorrow or Wednesday (she's been in a week now.) I've also been feeling not so great... My sinuses got so bad that my left side had a horrid toothache as well as my cheek throbbing. I'm getting better now (thankfully!) We've had some pretty easy dinners this week - I'm sure you understand that ;)!

Here's our menu:

Monday: Grilled Hamburgers

Tuesday: ate out

Wednesday: Macaroni and Cheese (boxed kind) w/Corn on the Cob (Made by hubby)

Thursday: Omelets

Friday: Frozen Pizza (this was kind of by default because we got them on a pretty good sell and only had room in our freezer for 3 not the 4 we bought!)

Saturday: Quesadillas

Sunday: Quesadillas

Since all these are pretty simple recipes - which ever one I'll give tips and hints on how to make them easier. For example with hamburgers I'll show how I form them into patties from ground beef and keep them from falling apart. I'll show tips with any one that wins, so vote for which recipe you want to see!

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