Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu: July 4-10

My husband and I have a great relationship, in fact he is literally my best friend. We can stay up taking into the night like teenagers at a sleepover. However, there are some times when things just break down. I'm sure that never happens to any of you who are married. This past weekend was one of those times. I do believe lack of sleep on my part is partly to blame, unfortunately. I tend to get grumpy a lot easier when I am tired... as if that fact should surprise anyone. 

In fact, my husband once knew a couple who would ask each other (or even had their kids ask them) if they were tired or hungry whenever they were grumpy. Their rule was that the grumpy party had to resolve the tired/hungry issue before they could pursue their conversation. I thought this was a great idea, until I had a baby - I can honestly say their children HAD to be older! The only time I can nap is when my toddler is napping (and lose all my time to tackle my to do list) or when hubby is home. I would love to try this someday...

Back to this weekend, at one point hubby realized that we would just keep getting more grumpy unless we turned it around. He is great like that, and I love him for it! However, it took me a little bit longer to let go of the negativity that I let overtake me. I would like to say that I am as good as my husband at reversing the negativity, but I'm not. It is usually him that tries to turn it around, but I do have to say I am not completely a failure, I do actually beat him to it sometimes! :)

What do you and your spouse do to when one or both of you are grumpy?

Now on to the menu:

Monday: Leftovers (as I said last week we had our BBQ on the 3rd since my brother had to leave on the 4th)

Wednesday: Pizza - topped with green bell pepper and bacon
Thursday: Frozen Dinner (I used a brand called Gourmet Dining and it actually tasted great. We had the beef stir fry, we've tried the chicken in the past and I have to say I favor the chicken. This is my own opinion and Gourmet Dining does not know I exist nor was I given a free/discount dinner - I just wanted to say for a frozen dinner they actually aren't horrid. Picture taken from their website.)

Friday: Ate Out
Saturday: Chicken Fingers and Salad Bar

Sunday: Fajitas

Sorry there isn't a poll this week as there are no new recipes! However we had a tie for the poll last week so I'll be posting Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole this Thursday and the grilling post next week.

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