Friday, July 1, 2011

Cookbook Giveaway *Closed*

Ever have a week where you feel one day behind? I feel that way... shouldn't tomorrow be Friday? No, okay I'll take it being Saturday. However I would feel caught up for the week if we had another Friday tomorrow. I also cannot believe that this is the 4th of July weekend... it seems like it should still be mid-way through June. Probably because June was a whirlwind month and we were literally out of town for half of it! I hope you all have some fun plans for this weekend. Hubby and I will be going birding. Should be fun ;). 

Now for the giveaway: I though this was a great giveaway to celebrate the 4th of July. I'm giving away one copy of Baking from the Heart: Our Nation's Best Bakers Share Cherished Recipes for The Great American Bake Sale.
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To enter this contest leave a comment and tell me what your plans are for this weekend you did for the 4th of July or if you prefer you can leave a comment about anything...

Contest open to everyone - Family, Friends, Followers, Complete Strangers, etc. One entry per person. Contest closed. Winner will be announced next Friday (July 8), please check back to see if you won as I will not require you to enter any contact information. Winner will be selected by


  1. We're having a picnic on Sunday here at our house with a couple of friends!
    26summer at excite dot com

  2. I do not really have any special plans this weekend. Just the regular to do errands and go grocery shopping. Perhaps we will go see fireworks. last year we did not go because I had just gotten out of the hospital because of kidney stone surgery and I wasn't feeling up to it.

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I participated in the SOS bake sale last year and it was SO fun! Our plan is to smoke some pork for pulled pork sandwiches on the 4th and watch the fireworks from our back yard!

    friedalovesbread at gmail dot com

  4. I have plans for some BBQs, hiking, family breakfast, and lots of family time. Love the long weekend!

  5. I am crashing at my sister's house, which means great company, amazing food, and nieces and nephews!!!

  6. I feel the same way...this summer is flying by at a whirlwind pace!! We're not doing much this weekend. Hanging out at out on the fire pit and watching some fireworks! =)

  7. I spent time with family.

  8. Laundry & dishes. Dinner @ Chilis with friends and family. Tried out a new frozen yogurt place for dessert and watched a fireworks show parked on the side of the road. So fun.

  9. Did I miss it? Family, food and fireworks!


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