Friday, July 15, 2011

Foodless Friday: Random Ramblings

Today while driving home from running errands, I was listening to the radio. I actually don't listen to the radio very much, but I was a little sleepy and didn't have a CD in the player, so playing the radio was suppose to help me stay awake. It did ;). One song that was played took me back to 4 years and 4 months ago, exactly. To the day. 

It was the end of spring break as my last semester of my somewhat long undergraduate career. I had been visiting my family and was driving myself and my older brother home, planning on picking up my husband at the airport. He'd been off visiting the graduate school we were planning on attending (and did attend.) On the way back Hubby called and said that his plane would be delayed. Unfortunately I had to be back before his plane would get in to attend a performance for a class. We had purchased 2 tickets so we could attend together. So my brother dropped me off in town and then went to get my husband at the airport (with his concert ticket, in case he got back in time). I sent my cell phone with my brother so I had no way of getting ahold of them while they were away. The hope was that he'd be able to join me at intermission, at least. 

I was a bit distracted during the concert, to say the least. However, the it was great - an Irish themed event. Hubby wasn't able to come during the performance, but got there about the time it was letting out. I remember seeing him outside the theatre and embracing in the biggest bear hug (after all we were still newlyweds and this had been the first time we'd been apart for more than 24 hours!) 

All this came back with perfect clarity as I listened to the song play on the radio, a song that was performed in the arts center that night four years ago. Isn't it amazing how powerful music can be in recalling memories?

Completely unrelated... I am not a die hard Harry Potter fan. Obviously, I've never really discussed the books/movies in any post so far. In fact I haven't seen the most recent movies (since the 5th movie, actually.) I also don't really get into fads - like Harry Potter. In fact I avoided reading them until my husband convinced me to. True story.

In college (before getting married and such) I had a roommate that was really into reading them. And since I was NEVER going to read them myself, I let her tell me about them. One night as she was reading them, she commented on Harry's scar hurting, and when I was a little flippant about her comment, she stated "That means Voldemort is coming back to power, Crystal." It was the way she said it that is memorable. It was strained and worried. I loved having her as a roommate when she was reading those books. Really I just loved having her as a roommate. It was just a lot more entertaining when Harry Potter came into her life.

Those are just two of my musings of the day. I could go on, but I'm desperately in need of sleep... or could you tell that already? However, I'm probably about to go read quotes from the quote ceiling we had in college. Yep you guessed it, it has the quote about Voldemort, plus tons of others that will keep me up way too late laughing and enjoying the memories. (I only stayed up for another hour reading...)

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  1. I really love how music can bring back memories. Sometimes it's not such a great thing though. How late did you stay up reading quotes instead of going to sleep?


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