Friday, January 29, 2010

This sad story has a happy ending

Each year millions of pets are abandoned, left to fend for themselves when they are use to having others take care of them. It is a sad reality. When I was growing up we had a lot of stray cats that hung around our house (mainly because they could get a meal) but they were too wild to actually catch. Most were dropped off close by (my parents house is in a rural area), for these cats, they had a chance to survive. Even though they were too wild to get close to, in the winter they got warm by staying close to our house, or even laying on our car's engine. Unfortunately this proved lethal for one cat, we took it to the vet but it was too hurt to be saved. We also got some dogs, we had a couple that hung around for years, but would not allow us to catch them, even the local animal authorities could not catch these dogs. One was a female and had a few litters of puppies in her time... we would give them away to families who we hoped would give them good homes.

It saddens me to think about the way people can just abandon their pets. This was brought home to me again this week, when we found a puppy (about 4-6 months old.) in our yard.  You have to understand that the temperatures have been getting to -3 or -10 at night. We know that this puppy had not been abandoned for too long because it was not overly skinny, but was VERY hungry. We took it to the vet, there was not chip, he had not collar, and none of our neighbors have a lost puppy. Luckily for this puppy, he has a happy ending. He found a good home, and has bonded with Hubby and my son.
This puppy has been in a house before, and he is a very gentle animal.

At first the puppy and my son were hesitant to play together, but they do just fine now. 
Once in a while the puppy likes to play bite, but we're trying to teach him that is a no-no.

Overall, the puppy is very good and doesn't get mad when my son leans on him like this... However both the puppy and my son get jealous when the other one is getting the attention.

This sad story has a happy ending, many don't.

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