Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu - Jan 4-10

I hope you all had a less hectic past month than I did... I'm back, but unlike I thought last time I posted our data still is not back. The repair place here did not recover the data, so we took it out (when we went to see my little sister again) to see if my cousin could do something with it and hopefully get all our data back (crossing fingers). My sister has been coming out of her coma and doing pretty well, there are a few bumps, but she is starting to become more responsive and had only had a few seizures (unlike having them almost constantly like before.)

I have decided to change a few things this year... I will be posting the weekly recipes on Thursday now. Polls will run from Monday when I post the menu (usually will be between 11 and 1 when my son is taking a nap) until Wednesday morning. As soon as my sister gets out of the hospital and comes home we'll be having a joint Christmas/New Year's celebration with her so I am going to wait until then to post my New Year's Resolutions... mainly because I'm not starting them until that happens.

This past week I made some of my favorites as well as trying a new dinner on Saturday.  Here's the past week's menu:

Monday: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Wednesday: Macho Nachos

Thursday:  Ate out at Red Robin with my mom and Hubby. I had the Turkey Club Burger and LOVED it.

Friday: Macho Nachos

Saturday: Pan Fried Lemon Pepper Chicken with Lemon Parmesan Orzo and carrots with a butter lemon sauce

Sunday: Taco Salad (Well actually, I had a taco salad, Hubby had macho nachos and my father had a taco - this is a very versatile meal as long as you have tortilla chips and tortillas.)

Vote for which recipe you want to see posted on Thursday.

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