Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poll Winner

The Lemon Parmesan Orzo won the poll... I will be posting the recipe tomorrow. I will be posting the recipe tomorrow (and all poll recipes will be posted on Thursdays in the future.)

Wednesdays will be reserved for other types of posts...

Today I'm posting these great pictures of my son. The story behind this picture is I was trying to take his 9 month pictures and he started crawling toward me. Hence the close-up shot, but that grin is priceless!

The white background is a fleece blanket, but obviously he did not want to stay where I would only get the blanket in the picture!

This what I was shooting for... a great picture with the background. We use the green orangutan as a comparison with his earlier photos. I took these pictures in front of glass doors at my parents house, the natural lighting was great. I also used the portrait setting on our camera. I usually take over 100 pictures each month and usually find about 10-15 that I really love. I love digital cameras! I would not be taking that many pictures if I had to use rolls of film.

I will be using my signature on all photos of us I put on our website, so this does not happen.

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  1. That first picture is precious, thanks for the tips on taking pictures... I can't wait to try them on my daughter.


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