Friday, November 6, 2009

May Be Foodless Friday

I couldn't think of an extra to the title, so I'm not putting one there! You will all just have to live with it. So while you are reading this post I am on my way to my dad's parents house (about 4.5 hours away - it was my mom's mom who just passed away for those of you confused or wondering), although if you are reading this later in the day I'll already be there. We're going up because tomorrow we'll be celebrating my grandfather's 90th birthday.

I have many fond memories of my grandfather. He loves making things - he has a shop by his house (where they also park their car - it is not a garage, it is a shop) that he uses to make really amazing things with wood. Well he use to, he doesn't so much anymore, as age tends to do that to us. One thing he made that is amazing is the item behind the couch in this picture:
It is a photo collage of our family - Grandpa and Grandma are at the base of the tree, the 'roots' are their parents and grandparents, etc. Up the tree there are branches that show their children and then more branches that show their grandchildren (yep, I'm on one of those branches) and then there are more branches that show our children. It is really great to look at in it's entirety (I didn't have a digital pic in it's entirety - I'll have to rectify that!). I did black out the names to protect the innocent.
Have a great weekend!

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