Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Resolutions, how are your goals coming?

Week 2 of my resolutions... For the list of resolutions, click here.

- I actually made quite a few new recipes last week - I made Carrot cake pancakes, vanilla cream sauce, cornmeal pancakes, lemon sauce, and creamy rotini with meatballs. Luckily they were all delicious

- I exercised on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Monday I woke up with stomach pains and they have not gone away yet, which has reduced my desire to do anything really physical.

- I did not read a book in January. I could list excuses but I won't, I'll do better this month. I also realized that I'm either going to have to order books or only read the ones that our small library has.

- I spent time taking photos of frost on plants. It was fun. I like taking photos, but am still learning how.
I think wintertime is very beautiful. I have wanted to take pictures like this earlier, but missed last time it was foggy. 

How are your goals coming?

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