Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu - February 15-21

This week started out at my In-Law's house, it was a nice vacation. My son slept better there than he does at home... I still have not figured that one out yet. Maybe it was darker there which made him sleep better? Who knows, but it made me want to have him sleep in that room more often. Of course my brother in law (age 16) wouldn't be so happy if that happened, as he was nice enough to let us all sleep in there for the few days we were visiting. It totally reminded me of giving up my room for my visiting siblings. I know I had to at least once...
Sunday I made the Valentine's meal for Hubby that I didn't get to make as we were at his parents. I usually try to make him a really nice meal for Valentine's Day. We had our meal and then for dessert we had White Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. I'll be posting that recipe tomorrow. It is delicious! Usually I make him steak for Valentine's day, as he loves steak and we don't usually justify the cost. We do not like to eat out on Valentine's day as it is usually too busy for our liking. Plus it gives me an excuse to make a fancier menu than normal.

Here is this week's Menu:

Monday: Chicken Strips (My sister in law's recipe) These are so good, I will be making them in the future!

Tuesday: Traveling home, stopped by Wendy's (I wanted Subway but there wasn't one around where we stopped.) I got a baked potato, Caesar side salad, and a Junior cheeseburger. I had to get the burger, it was calling my name.

Wednesday: Shepherd's Pie

Thursday: Pineapple Ham

Friday: Meatballs and Rice

Saturday: Chicken and Biscuits (Made by Mom)

Sunday: Lemon Pepper Salmon and Veggies with Rice

Be sure to vote in the poll for the recipe you want to see on Thursday!

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