Monday, July 30, 2012

Labor - Take 2, Part 1

We're home from the hospital now... we got home yesterday. Here's part 1 of how our second child came into the world... Part 2 will come whenever I get it written.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Labor - Take 1

So I thought I'd give the story of my first labor (since I started this blog after my oldest was born) before I actually get to the most current one... So if you're not into birth stories, seriously skip this post!

When you read this I may or may not have had my second baby... I scheduled this to post today - last night (Thursday) so that it would actually get posted! So at time of scheduling I only know that I'm being induced tomorrow morning - hopefully they'll just have to break my water (unless I actually go into labor before getting to that point.) However, if you're reading this on Saturday - there should be a baby... I'm hoping not to repeat how long my first labor was! Oh, and here's that story...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Confession Time

I think I have just realized (or re-realized) one of my idiosyncrasies... when I'm going through a hard time, or just not happy in my state of life I tend to withdraw from pretty much everything. (Notice a distinct lack of posts lately... yeah that's part of it!) So nothing terribly wrong is going on in my life right now... I've just been having contractions. Every. Day. For almost 5 weeks. Most of them are simply Braxton Hicks and don't do anything. Which I think is the most aggravating part of having them! I mean if they were actually doing anything it wouldn't be as frustrating, right? But if they were doing something I'd have had a baby by now... I know some women have a lot worse time during pregnancy than I am having now, but for me this is bad enough. I also know that there are plenty of women out there who would just love to be pregnant and have to go through what I am dealing with. However, everything I've been dealing with has been hard for me. (Oh yeah, and I pretty much haven't been cooking lately so that is another reason why posting has been limited!)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Murphy's Law of Parenting

Happy Friday the 13th Everybody. I hope your day is going great and nothing unlucky has happened (or will happen!)

Since it's Friday the 13th, I'm going to share a list with you... Murphy's Law of Parenting (specifically the under 5 age group!)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Biscuit 'Sandiwches'

When my husband and I were first married, we could get biscuits super cheap... and being the poor college students we were that was a great motivating factor to buy them and try to stretch them into a meal! I'm about to share one of the ways we enjoyed eating the biscuits (that seriously we got for like a quarter per package of 10 biscuits)... I'm not about to say these are the tastiest little things ever, but I have since learned that children love them! I still make them on occasion - especially when we have a lot of little mouths to feed! These go quickly when there are little hands and mouths around ;).

Biscuit Sandwiches
 Ready for the ingredient list: 1 package of biscuits, lunch meat and cheese.

Monday, July 9, 2012

PCOS Diet posts

I am not completely still as strict at keeping with my PCOS diet, but I am still sticking closer to it than before... However, for the next little while I will not be posting what I've been eating every day. I just feel the need to take a break from this feature. I may decided to replace it or I may continue it in the future... we'll see what happens in a month or so.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Stocking up...

I learned very quickly after the birth of our first son that cooking with a newborn is just not going to happen (or at least not every night or even most nights)! I honestly felt like a sleep-walking person for much of the first two weeks (maybe also had something to do with a 39 hour labor)... I was glad we had a few meals I'd prepared ahead of time, but sincerely wished we'd had more. Luckily we lived in a college town and there were plenty of places we could eat at when the freezer was depleted... This time however, I know that we have a limited number of places to eat (mostly fast food - burger/greasy type joints... unfortunately) and I wanted to be prepared. I may have overdone it a bit, but at least I know we won't be starving for the first month of our son's life!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Egg Toast

 I hope you all had a great 4th of July. We watched fireworks - first time with the kiddo and he loved them!

Growing up my dad would occasionally make us breakfast. Most of the time for breakfast we had cold cereal as my parents both had a lot to do in the mornings to get my siblings with sever disabilities ready for school and my dad out the door for work. This meant that when we had something besides cereal for breakfast it was usually on the weekend (or holidays)... and not always then - it just depended on how hectic life was at the moment! 

My dad was really great at making fried eggs. One of the ways we loved our fried eggs was in Egg Toast... I know this dish has a ton of names, but I'm calling it egg toast. It is simple and easy, but I have so many fond memories of watching my dad take a mason jar and cut a perfect circle in the slice of bread, placing the bread in the pan, and carefully making sure the egg went into the center of the circle. (Have I mentioned my dad was pretty much a perfectionist!?) I couldn't wait until it was finished cooking so I could devour this delicious creation. 

Funny enough, I don't make this dish hardly at all... maybe because in my memory only my dad made it. (I honestly can't remember my mom making these, although she could have!) So I may have some gender role issues with this dish... However, sometimes when I get a craving for them, I do make them myself.

Egg Toast