Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Breakfast for Dinner? Yes, Please!

I know some people eat breakfast for dinner without thinking about it, but I have met some people who think it's an odd concept. However as a Mom I LOVE making breakfast for dinner because it means my kids will actually eat a meal without complaining about how they don't like anything on their plate! I honestly think my middle child would not be as picky if it weren't for his older brother. My youngest is just starting to pick up on the peer pressure with eating :(.

Today I'll be discussing my top 3 pancake recipes, but before I do that I want to say that I discovered that baby food is a great addition in pancakes. Yes I did discover this after I got a few cases off Amazon and my youngest child refused to eat it. But it is a great way to add fruits and vegetables into the pancakes without your kiddos really knowing! (And a good way to get slightly green pancakes on St Patty's day - green peas...) I just add the contents of the jar to the bowl and use powdered milk. Just in case any of you have left over baby food that you don't know what to do with!

Here are my top 3 PANCAKE recipes: 

Whole Grain Peanut Butter Pancakes - I love these because they also have protein inside them, one less thing to have to worry about! Perfect for a busy night, especially those nights when I don't really feel like cooking.

Whole Wheat Pancakes (Adapted from waffle recipe) - this one is made from whole wheat berries - not flour and has a more nutty taste. The waffle version has sweet memories but right now I don't have a waffle iron so pancakes it is!

Carrot Cake Pancakes - What's not to love about hiding vegetables in  your kids food?! The Vanilla Sauce really makes these super tasty! Plus isn't it great to basically eat dessert for dinner? ;)

What is your favorite pancake?