Friday, May 18, 2012

Salsa Verde Pork Loin Roast (Slow Cooker)

Yesterday I shared with you the recipe for Roasted Salsa Verde. Today I'm going to show you what I did with that wonderful little salsa. I am really tempted to make this again really soon, I loved the taste of this pork roast that much! I really, really, really want to use it to make quesadillas! I want to see if they taste anything close to the pork quesadillas at a place we use to eat while hubby was in grad school. If they do, watch out because that will be on the menu every month at least! It was one of my favorite things to eat... I actually used the leftover pork from this to make enchiladas - which are currently in my freezer just waiting to be cooked after baby is born. I made a few freezer meals for when my son was born 3 years ago, but this time I'm going to have a few more at the ready! I already have about a month's worth of burritos ready for my husband's lunches during that time (chicken, beef and a few pork.)

The other day while eating this pork on a salad my husband stated that it would taste good on a shingle. I can say he's not the only one in love with this delicious pork! (And no I don't suggest trying to eat it on a shingle!)

Salsa Verde Pork Loin Roast - Slow Cooker
First, you'll need a slow cooker and a pork loin roast. Mine was about 3 lbs and I had to cut it in half to fit in my slow cooker... which I do need to replace with a larger one.
Pour the Salsa Verde over the pork loin roast. If you don't want to make your own, you can buy it in a jar at the store - 16 oz bottle and dump the whole thing in there. (With my recipe I actually had some left over... about a cup or so. You can add it all or reserve it for another use.)
Make sure the loin roast is pretty much covered.
This is where I remembered I forgot to add the cilantro to the salsa, so I just tossed some sprigs into the slow cooker.
Cook on low (or high if pressed for time) for 8-10 hours (high for about 5) or until cooked through. (I only took this picture after I removed one piece of the roast - it didn't shrink down that much ;).
Next, shred the pork - removing the fatty pieces from it as you go.
Look at that delicious shredded pork!
We just ate the pork with rice (coconut rice actually.) I topped it with a bit of the juices from the slow cooker.
I highly suggest trying this out soon. I know I will be making it again really soon!


  1. This looks awesome. Going to try it this weekend.

  2. My family and I make this exact recipe at least once every month and it is always a favorite. It's amazing!


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