Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Teriyaki Bowl - Freezer Meal Style

This is part of my freezer meals series... or how we survive the first few weeks after we have a baby!

This is one of those recipes that was adapted in the process... I made two of these freezer bags to start and after the first it was clear that it needed to be changed! So you'll see some pictures that illustrate what not to do! ;) Also I have to admit I did not take a finished product photo (that whole survival for the first few weeks after a baby comes - I forgot to take the pictures...) So this photo comes from the original Teriyaki Bowl post that I made. But it looks similar ;).

Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cranberry Onion Chicken

This is part of my freezer meals series... or what keeps us eating in the few weeks after we have a baby!

I can't remember where I found this chicken recipe (nor did I keep the link with it - I hate it when I do that!), but after searching for the recipe... it looks like the origin is actually from kraft foods... I loved how simple and easy this recipe is. It only has 4 ingredients! How much more simple can a recipe get?!? I also love that it is a slow cooker recipe - not hassle (at least not if you get a slow cooker liner... yep tried them for the first time after having our baby and it makes clean up so much easier. They may not be as environmentally friendly, but they did help keep my sanity for the first few weeks!)

I have to admit that I had some reservation when I made this - I didn't expect it to taste very good... but I was surprised! It actually is really good despite the interesting combination of ingredients.

Another interesting tidbit - this is the first time I've used onion soup mix in cooking. I had a bugger of a time trying to find it in the store (silly me - it was on the soup isle ;).

Cranberry Onion Chicken

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Apricot Swirl Cheesecake

About a year ago (actually a year and a month, but who's counting?) I decided to try making an apricot cheesecake. Partly because of some canned apricots that needed to be used up, and what better way to use the apricots than to make a cheesecake? So I searched for a cheesecake recipe that had apricots, and you know what I found? A lot of cheesecake recipes, but either it was a plain cheesecake with an apricot sauce or a cheesecake with chunks of apricots in it. I'm not such a fan of chunks of fruit in my cheesecake... But that's my own preference... 

So what's a girl to do? I made my own version. Tell you what, it was perfection the first time through. However, I only took pictures of the final version not the process. (Sad day.) And I waited to make it again... guess what, I still haven't made it, but I can not keep this from you for another day, it is delicious and while I haven't made it since - it is on my list. I probably won't make it for a while though since my time is consumed keeping a baby fed, diapered, clothed and also keeping up with my 3 year old son! So this is just going to be a recipe post... no step by step tutorial - yet.