Saturday, February 20, 2010

Confession - I'm unorganized...

Today I was going to post the recipe for the Meatball Rigatoni, since it has been over a week since I said I would post it in a few days. The only problem is that I don't know where I sketched the recipe... I really cannot find it currently. I will be posting it when the recipe turns up again... or when I decide to try making it again. For those of you who want to try making one similar, I did a basic Alfredo Sauce with white pepper and thyme (and something else?) and simmered meatballs in it for 20 minutes to warm up the meatballs. Served over Rigatoni. I will post the exact recipe when I find it though...

Just an FYI - I do have good intentions of typing recipes and keeping the written ones in my cooking binder, but sometimes I just don't. Maybe that will be one of my resolutions next year. ;) I hope you have a good Saturday!


  1. I don't even print mine - I have a bunch of different text files for different categories of recipes, and I just save recipes into there. The luxury of having a laptop, I guess - I can just throw my laptop on the kitchen table when I need to see the recipe. It's just never occurred to me that printing them would be better!

  2. I actually just meant that I would type them onto my computer so I could find them... and then try to keep the written ones in a single place. Having a laptop would be great, but not in the near future.


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