Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu: Oct 3 - 9

I seriously was about to write September in the slot up there... until I looked at the calendar to see what dates to add! Although with the weather we've been having here I might as well write November or December. Seriously Saturday I woke up to SNOW (that was the second time it had snowed this past week, but the first time any stuck to the ground)! Honestly I'm not kidding it was snowing for a half and hour after I woke up. So I did what any person who loves to cook does on a cold snowy morning, I made a hot breakfast. I surprised my husband with German Pancakes with Warmed Nectarines in Honey and hot chocolate with whipped cream. I do have a confession, the Warmed Nectarines were going to be cold slices, but the fruit didn't ripen quite right and tasted a bit dull, so I cut them into cubes and tossed them in a pan with butter and honey. Afterward, I couldn't tell that they were not so great before I cooked them! I love it when that happens ;). I want to try it with peaches in the future, it is really something I am going to do with peaches and nectarines that don't ripen well in the future.

Luckily the snow melted by later in the day, but it never got higher than 40 degrees. Luckily this Thursday and Friday the low will be higher than that! I could not take winter happening this soon. Sorry for talk about the weather, but snow in the first full week in October is ridiculous!

Here's the menu: 
Monday: BLT Salad
Thursday: Salmon Packets

Friday: Ate Out

Saturday: Chicken Wraps (No picture, I had a baby shower and a wedding reception in the same day, as well as picking up my produce from a co-op, etc. Just one of those days! It was also an experimental recipe so I will probably try it again.)
 (I promise the color of the juices is from the chili powder and paprika, not blood!)
Sunday: Chili Rubbed Sirloin Steak, with potato wedges, Balsamic Glazed Carrots  & Side Salad

Vote for the recipe you want to see next week. This Thursday I'll be posting Asian BBQ Chicken.

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