Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Menu: Oct 17-23

I feel like I've been perpetually a day behind lately... perhaps it was because yesterday I decided to make finger food for my husband's work (there are only about 10 people who work in his office) instead of doing what I normally do Monday mornings. Now I definitely am one day behind! 

Today I just wanted to give an update on my 30 for 30... So far I haven't done any of the first 10 - but I wanted to send out a plea - I really do want to send letters to my blog readers but I need YOU to help me. Please email me at crystalscozykitchen (at) gmail (dot) com so I can send you a handwritten letter and a handwritten recipe card (who knows, I may also send a dozen cookies too!)
I've made one hand-painted sign now... This is for my son's room. I painted his name in the large blank space.
I've definitely left 20 comments, but I'm still trying to get in the habit of not just reading posts, but actually commenting - because who doesn't love comments!  Unpacked 23 boxes - check! I've given away 8 cupcakes (plus some mini ones, but I'm not counting those!) I've made at least 3 different types of cookies, and given away one batch. I feel that I could be doing better, but I still think I'm doing okay considering we just moved!

Now on to the menu: 

Monday: Beef Fajitas
Tuesday: Beef Fajitas

Wednesday: Chinese Chicken Salad
Thursday: Chinese Chicken Salad

Friday: Ate Out
Saturday: Chicken Stuffed Peppers w/Mole Sauce
Sunday: Roast (plain and simple cooked in the slow cooker.)

Vote for the recipe that you want to see next Thursday.  This week I'll be posting Quinoa w/Onions & Pepper which won last week's poll.

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