Monday, October 31, 2011

Menu: Oct 24-30

For all of you who like to celebrate Halloween: Happy Halloween. My husband and I are more in the non-celebratory mood. We haven't gotten dressed up (I will wear black and orange but not a costume), we haven't decorated... pretty much since we got married. We did dress my son up as a farmer boy last year (turned out super cute!), but as he has a cold this year we're not going to do it. We will be handing out candy in our new neighborhood if anybody feels daring enough to come knock on our door. I have a pumpkin I'm setting outside so people will at least think I'm a bit into it. Want to know what I'm doing tonight? I'm putting together a table... that's right - no more card table for us! We've upgraded and it just arrived! 

I made Ratatouille yesterday. It was my first time making it and I can honestly say I would make it every month except for one thing. Hubby doesn't really like squash. He doesn't like the way the squash squeaks in his teeth (I'm not sure when that happens, I don't remember it squeaking...), and he thinks the taste is nothing to brag about. However he will eat it. I just choose not to force the issue very often. This time I let him try it and had some leftovers waiting just in case. He actually ate his fill of Ratatouille. It is now something I get to make about once a year... I decided after making it that it was NOT something to make for just me. There was way too much stuff in that pot for one person to tackle alone! 
I actually really enjoyed all our meals this past week, except Tuesday's - but that is another story entirely.

Now on to the menu:
Monday: Chicken Stuffed Peppers (Leftovers but will still be in the poll - oh and did I mention that the sauce has chocolate in it?)

Tuesday: I honestly did not eat dinner this night... Had a busy day and just didn't get time for it!

Wednesday: Vegetable Frittata (I omitted the peas, added a small diced sweet potato, omitted the basil and added fresh parsley. I also topped it (after it was done) with some cheddar cheese then broiled until melted.

Thursday: Ate out
Friday: Creamy Cauliflower Soup and stuffing (from a box)
Saturday: Thai Peanut Noodle Salad (I used pork instead of chicken and it worked great!)
Sunday: Ratatouille

Vote for the recipe you want to see next Thursday. Chinese Chicken Salad won last week's poll and will be posted on Thursday. I'm excited to share it with you all!

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