Friday, August 26, 2011

My 30 for 30

This past week I turned 29... It came and went, I received many birthday wishes on my facebook page (private account) and that made me smile... actually I'd forgotten it was my birthday until checking my email and receiving all those facebook messages telling me someone posted on my wall (thanks to all my friends for making me feel loved, and to those who emailed as well)! At the end of the day I wondered if I've accomplished all I wanted to before I turned 30 - since this is my last year before I hit 30. I came up with a 30 things to do before turning 30 list for myself and some of the things I have already completed, but added them because they are important to me. I have actually come to realize that I have done the most important things I wanted to do before turning 30. 

If you would have asked me 10-15 years ago, I am sure this list would have been very different. It would have included traveling to how many other countries and states in the US, none of which you'll see on this list below. However, in the past decade I've learned I like being home and close to home instead of going to exotic places (my fear of flying probably has something to do with that!) In about a year I'm going to re-post this list and let you all know how I did on it.

My 30 for 30 list: 
*Donate my hair, once (I grew it out once but had highlighted it so I couldn't donate it... sad! I'm currently working on growing it out again.)
*Deliver 2 babies (Already delivered one, just one more to go - and no this is  not an announcement but hopefully will be in the next 6 months.)
*Send flowers to 3 friends
*Make 4 baby blankets (I've made one so far!) This is the blanket I made before I sewed it together... I forgot to take a picture before I mailed it to my friends who just had their first baby.
*Donate 5 months of blog earnings to Bloggers without Borders (Only a total of like $10-12. I don't blog for the money. ;)
*Celebrate 6 years of being married (will be doing that in December!)
*Invite 7 people/couples over to dinner (I actually tend to be more introverted than I use to be so this is actually going to stretch me!)
*Make 8 aprons (never done this, but I want to!)
*Read 9 classic novels I haven't yet read
*Send 10 letters to 10 blog readers (I'll need your help with this - so please help me reach this goal - if you would like to receive a letter, please email me with your address - crystalscozykitchen @ gmail)
*Ride my bike 11 miles in one day (I'd like it to be more, but this is realistic - I'm all about realistic goals... sometimes.)
*Make 12 handpainted signs (I've been wanting to paint wooden signs, but haven't yet...)
*Give away 13 batches of cookies
*Clean my closet and donate 14 items
*Go on 15 picnics
*Mail 16 handwritten letters (not including the 10 I'm writing to blog readers.)
*Finish 17 years of school (K-Bachelors) ~Completed - picture of hubby and me at our college graduation!
*Spend 18 months as a missionary ~Completed!
*Enjoy 19 sunsets
*Leave 20 nice comments on 20 blogs I read (Unfortunately I've gotten out of the habit of leaving comments lately...)
*Eat vegetarian for 21 days in a row (my def of vegetarian includes all dairy products, eggs and fish)
*Plant 22 plants (for beauty - such a flowers - not for eating.)
*Unpack 23 boxes (definitely doable since we're moving soon!)
*Give away 24 cupcakes
*Lose 25 lbs (may conflict with #2, unless I count weight I've already lost - which kind of seems like I'd be cheating...)
*Make 26 different types/recipes of cookies (will help me with #13)
*Take pictures of 27 different types of flowers.
*Make 28 new vegetable recipes (side or main dishes but comprise of mainly vegetables)
*Write 29 pages (at least) in my personal history (which would require me actually starting it...)
*Call 30 relatives on their birthdays and wish them happy birthday
 So I now have quite a bit to accomplish before my next birthday. What are things you want to do in the next year?


  1. Heh, any goals I have in the next year are also ones to be completed before I'm 30 - looks like we're the same age. I want to buy a house this winter, but it's not a "must do by 30" thing, more like a "let's get in on this before prices go back up again" thing.

  2. Love that baby blanket - it's so cute! Did you take any pictures after it was finished? I should make a list like this... would be nice to set goals down on paper, so to speak!

  3. Camille - We decided to go for buying a house before prices went up as well!
    Charles - I forgot to take a picture of the completed blanket.


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