Friday, September 11, 2009

Just to let you know and thoughts about today

I mentioned briefly that I will be moving next week. I can't believe that it is really next week, I still have half of my apartment to pack, but hey, what can I say, I work better under stress! Just to let you know I will have posts next week, the only difference is on Wednesday I'll be posting a recipe chosen by me from the past month. I will still be letting you vote on which recipe from this week you want to see, but I'll be posting that next Wednesday (as I will not really be cooking next week!) Tuesday I will be turning off comment moderation and doing word verification until I get settled (I personally hate word verification so I don't like to inflict it upon my readers). I will respond to any emails and comments sometime during the week after we arrive (Sept 21-26). We'll be packing up Wednesday, and driving Thursday-Saturday, so I have a pretty busy week ahead of me.
So we're moving to live with my parents for a few months, for a couple of reasons. We have only seen them 3 times in the past 2 years, my Hubby is finishing his Masters Degree and doesn't need to be on campus as he only has his thesis to write so it is a great time to spend time with family, we get to help my mom with my brother and sister so she can have a bit of a break (she is also helping take care of her parents who have declining health), and because the economy still stinks!

On another note, I hadn't realized it was September 11th until I started reading other blogs. Then I started remembering what I was doing 8 years ago... I was just starting my second semester of college. I remember going to request a copy of my social security card so I could start working on campus. I remember walking to campus and cutting through the business building, where they had CNN on the TV screens by the exit and how many people were standing by watching the screens, a lot more than normal. I remember going to a University wide moment of silence and prayer (it was a religious university). I remember going to a Folk Dance class and everybody just wanting to actually dance in that class instead of focus on the events. It was kind of a neat experience because in that class we learned about other cultures from learning about their cultural dances. I loved it, and I also loved the joint decision by the class to participate in cultural dances as a way to make our world seem smaller and more united.
I remember that evening standing on the third floor of the apartment complex I lived in and seeing a huge flag at half mast and the setting sun (it was a beautiful sunset, very colorful) behind it. When I think about 9-11-2001, I will always remember the flag waving in the sunset. It was amazing, it was symbolic.


  1. Definitely.

    And I know what you mean about packing. I ALWAYS wait until the last minute...ugh I hate moving...actually I don't mind, it's must the packing and unpacking and cleaning and organizing...BEST OF LUCK :D

  2. I think for me this time it will be driving 1300 miles with a 6 month old baby!


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