Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stuffed Bread

Three months later I'm finally posting this recipe. Sometimes I feel like such a flaky person! Let's just say the beginning of August was a crazy time for us as a family and so some things got left out and others (like this post) completely forgotten! I don't think too many of you were waiting for this post or I'd have gotten at least one email reminding me to post it! Seriously if there is something that I promise to post and forget - don't hesitate to email me because I most likely forgot about it. It's part of that I'm human thing...

When we were first married I did this as a bread braid. I like it that way, but it also works great as I'm going to show below. I have two different ways to make it shown below. First I'm showing the family size version and then the individual version. So here it is:
Stuffed Bread

First you'll need bread dough. Once it has risen, roll it out into a rectangle.
Place fillings onto the bread (leaving an inch or two around the edges to seal.)
This time I made a beef one and a turkey one... then I topped it with shredded cheese... I'll be showing a different way later. I have also stuffed these with steamed broccoli (well drained) and sprinkled the broccoli with cheese - it's pretty good. When I braided these - I would make one 'strand' of vegetables, one of cheese, and one of meat. It worked great.
Fold over each side.
Pinch ends together (it helps if you rub the ends with a little water.)
Fold ends up.
Be sure to seal them off.
Place seam side down on a cookie sheet.
As you can see I labeled these with a B and a T for Beef and Turkey.
The labels double as vents. You'll need to place at least 3 in these.
It helps them not bubble on the inside. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until bread is golden brown.
Here's another way to do it - individual pockets. (I used french bread dough for these - turned out great!)
Once dough is cut out, place cheese and meat on top.
Cover with another piece of cut out dough.
Label - (H) for Ham. Can you tell I have a toddler - I'm really good at labeling what words start with! ;)
These above are club pockets - ham, turkey and beef.
They started out with provolone cheese and were topped with one slice of each type of lunchmeat.
Then I put another slice of cheese on it.
Top with a bread dough circle.
Pinch ends together.
Place on a cookie sheet.
Also bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. I put an egg wash on this dough (like typical french bread loafs.)
C = Crystal.
Doesn't this look delicious?
Good thing I just ate or I'd be hungry!

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