Friday, October 15, 2010

Foodless Friday: I'm human...

So in the blogging world it is easy to seem like the perfect version of yourself. As in I always make such delicious meals and post such great tasting food that there is no way I actually make a bad dish, etc. It may seem that I lead a perfect life with a perfect family and I always have a meal on the table at the same time every night. I would love having a life like that, but I don't. This was brought home to me by my friend yesterday. I stopped by her house for a visit and she decided to make lunch while we were chatting. She confessed to me that she felt she couldn't make a frozen pizza "because Crystal actually cooks!" Those of you who have been reading my Monday menus for the past year realize that I too make frozen pizza and would be totally fine eating it for lunch.

So just to make it clear, I do eat premade food, my kitchen is not always spotless (in fact I'd say spotless is a once a week happening!), I do make kitchen mishaps and I sometimes do not have dinner on the table until 8 PM. Which totally throws off bedtime for my son (I'm sure none of you ever deal with that though!).

For those of you who don't believe my kitchen is a mess - I'll illustrate here:
 Bad picture of French Bread Pizza... Good illustration of the mess on the counter!
Want to know what's on the counter here, I've labeled the stuff I could make out... My little brother has severe disabilities and a feeding tube (hence the formula.)

As for my perfect life... well that's a joke! Having my husband spend over a year and a half to finally maybe be getting somewhere on his thesis, living in my parent's basement and not being employed full time is not my idea of a perfect life. However it has given me a greater view on what I expect out of life. Right now it consists of living on our own and having full time employment.

I just typically don't write about the issues in my life or show pictures of the messy kitchen. It helps keep my sanity to not focus on them! I just wanted to make it clear that I'm human just like everybody else. I actually enjoy frozen pizza on occasion!

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  1. Hey, I was that friend. I had frozen pizza again yesterday (and many times in between this event and yesterday) and of course, I thought of you.


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