Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thai Chicken Coconut Curry Soup

Do you know what I love about fall? Comfort food. It abounds everywhere. I love home-made soups, rolls, roasted veggies, etc. Fall is just great like that, we get to celebrate in the harvest of so many different types of produce. When I think comfort food, I NEVER think about ethinic food, and especially not food from Thailand. Delicious - yes, comfort food - NO. However, when my husband and I were eating this soup, that was the only way to describe it! Thai Comfort Food. Absolutely delicious. Strangely comforting. Definitely satisfying. Seriously, you have go to try it! And when you do, bring any leftovers to my house - I really want more of this stuff...

Thai Chicken Coconut Curry Soup
recipe from: (with a few adaptations)
 In a pan large enough to hold soup (mine holds about a gallon-ish), pour in 1 Tbsp sesame oil and 1 Tbsp olive oil. Unless it is a non-stick pan, then only use the 1 Tbsp sesame oil. Let it get hot over Medium-high heat.
 Add to the pan 1 chicken breast (~1/2 lb) cut into cubes and seasoned with salt and pepper.
 Cook until no longer pink. (The camera and the steam were having issues on this day... okay they have issues whenever they're around each other!) Towards the end of cooking, toss in 2 cloves garlic, minced and 1/2 Tbsp minced ginger.
 Hello. I love this stuff! Coconut Milk - seriously you gotta have it!
 If you haven't used coconut milk in a while and you're like me, you'll try to use the tool that only cuts a slit into each side... mistake - coconut milk has this heavy cream that won't come out that way! So be sure to open the can all the way.
 Dump coconut milk into the pan. Oh, also add 4 cups (1 quart) of chicken broth to the pan.
 You'll also need some Green Curry Paste. 1-1/2 Tbsp to be exact. Unless you want to add more or less - then it's all up to you!
 Make sure to stir it well to get it incorporated.
 Time for a leek. Cut it in half (helps to rinse it anyway) and then into small slices.
 Ready for a little heat - also chop up one jalapeno.
 Now for some cabbage - about 1/4 to 1/3 of a head.
 Sliced - semi-thinly.
 Toss them all into the pan.
 Stir to combine.
 Let it warm up the veggies while you slice up about 4 ounces of mushrooms.
 Then toss those into the pan.
 You'll also want a handful of cilantro leaves.
 Chop them up a bit - should be about 1/4 cup.
 Toss them in.
 Let simmer for about 5 minutes.
 My mouth is watering... this is seriously great soup!
 These are cooking chow mein noodles (who knew they weren't just the crunchy ones? You can actually buy them like pasta - in the Asian Foods section of the grocery store.) However, I would suggest using rice noodles if you can find them (and they aren't 3x as expensive - seriously that's why I'm using the chow mein noodles!) You can also use rice (tried it with leftovers) but the noodles work better.
 Place the cooked noodles (chow mein or rice noodles) in the bottom of a bowl.
 Top with soup.


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  1. I cannot wait to try this one. I curry and i love coconut milk. Comfort food is right.


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