Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu: Oct 31-Nov 6

Happy Monday everybody. I've been a bit busy lately trying to get a new blog ready for launching... It is an idea I've had for months, and I honestly can't wait to share it with you. I'm super excited about this new blog. (I am not closing this blog - I'll still be sharing the usual on here!) 

Drum Roll please... Frugal Family Table is ready for you to see! It still has some bugs to be ironed out and I'm not super excited about the layout... but these are things I'll be playing with in the next month or so. I'd love your comments/advise on what you like/don't like.

I will be posting menus on that site as well, but I'm posting them as I make it... so if you want to check out both posts you can see if I actually make what I plan! They will be a week and 2 days apart though. Speaking of menus, here's what we had last week:

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Friday: Meatball Pizza
Saturday: Thai Chicken Curry Soup

Sunday: Dinner at my parents

Be sure to vote (poll in left hand column) for the recipe you want to see posted from this week's menu! Chicken Stuffed Peppers won last week's poll and will be posted on Thursday.

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