Friday, August 19, 2011

Foodless Friday: What has been occupying my time

During the past month, I've been super busy due to driving an hour multiple times per week to look at houses to buy (and you can also add looking into lending places...)  The search is over, WHEW! and we are now waiting on the bank to appraise the house and then process a loan. 
So for those of you who want to know what the house we're hoping to be in sometime next month looks like, here it is: 
 and I'll have a new kitchen I'll be working out of:
 This isn't the worst kitchen I saw, but it is also not the best either. However, it's what I'll be working with for who knows how long... (well the dishwasher will be getting replaced by the end of the year.) However, this kitchen does have a sky light which makes it light during the day without lights, which is nice. Just not light enough to take great photos...
However, out of all the kitchens I saw (in real life or pictures) I would have loved this one:
 Maybe I'll get my dream kitchen in the next house we buy...
Note: these photos were taken from real estate websites and were not my own work, but did not have credit to give for them.

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