Monday, August 8, 2011

Menu: August 1-7

This week has been crazy crazy here - yep so much it deserves two crazies... Thursday I went to turn on the water and there was nothing but a trickle. Apparently someone fixing an irrigation ditch issue had dug up the water line. The fun of living in a farming community! Earlier in the week it had just been hectic, Monday I was having issues with my neck and not able to really turn it, which made me feel justified in having hubby bring home a pizza. Tuesday we were running around and only had time to go through a drive through (something I hate doing), eating in the car on the way from looking at houses to a church activity. I was actually looking forward to cooking on Thursday, but it didn't happen. Luckily we had a frozen pizza that I could toss in the oven. There is only one new meal this week, so I'll be posting that recipe on Thursday.

Here's our crazy menu:

Monday: Dominos Pizza

Tuesday: Ate out

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Frozen Pizza (water issue)
Friday: Navajo Tacos
Saturday: Asparagus Ribbon Pizza

Sunday: Ham, Mashed Potatoes & gravy (Made by mom)

Next week I'll be posting the recipe for Asparagus Ribbon Pizza, this week's poll winner was: Chicken Souvlaki - which will appear on Thursday.


  1. I've had those weeks where you had good intentions to cook from scratch all week, but something goes wrong or you get too busy and you end up getting fast food more than home food. Your home cooking looks delicious!

  2. Mmmmm Photos look dreamy. Sorry to hear that this week has been crazy for ya.I recieved the baking cookbook in the mail today. Oh my goodness. I dove in immediatly and read and read until my 2 years old head was going to explode. I can't wait till I get to pick it up again. Thank you so much. Hope your week only gets better. Take care, Becky and Boys


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