Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Shave Apsaragus (or make Asparagus Ribbons)

In order to make this week's recipe for asparagus pizza, I'm going to illustrate how to make asparagus ribbons. Also known as shaving. All you'll need is a cutting board, knife, vegetable peeler and asparagus.

 First lay the asparagus on the board,
 then cut the tip off
 reserve for another use.
 Take the vegetable peeler
 and peel off the top layer.
 (I wouldn't suggest trying to hold a camera and do this though!)
 The top layer and bottom layer are the hardest,
Once you've gotten the top layer, continue using the peeler to remove layers.
 When it is almost to the bottom, you'll have to lay the asparagus flat and run the peeler over it.
 Once there is just the green,
 cut off the bottom of the spear.
 This is the part that you discard... normally you would just snap this off before using but it helps to hold the asparagus while shaving it.
Repeat with remaining asparagus spears.

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