Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu: March 28 - April 3

Monday my sister called and told us she'd be coming to visit and would be here on Wednesday! We were excited to see her, her husband and her 4 boys from Wednesday until they left early this morning. As I hadn't planned our menu by Monday, I decided to wait to plan until they got here so I could ask them what their favorite meals to eat were. Some of my nephews are some of the most picky eaters that I have ever met, but we love them all anyway. (Would you believe that not even Mac & Cheese or pizza is eaten by all 4 of them?)  I ended up using 2 of their ideas (mostly from the parents, and they were gone visiting my Brother in law's brother on Friday.) and adding one of my own into the mix (Wednesday was a fluke as they got here too late to plan menus.) I am glad I asked because Sunday's meal will probably become a favorite in our house!

Here's the Menu:

Monday: Buttermilk Pancakes (no picture sorry)

Tuesday: Steak with Mushroom Sauce, Beefy noodles and Mixed veggies

Wednesday: Egg Toast, carrots and apple slices

Thursday: Tortilla & Black Bean Casserole

Friday: Rotisserie Chicken (from the store), French Bread and frozen mixed veggies

Saturday: Fajitas (The actual Fajitas were actually made by my sister and were delicious, I'm going to try her recipe in future!)

Sunday: Beef Teriyaki Bowl (no pictures, but if it wins, I'd be happy to have to make it to take pictures - it may be chicken in the pictures though... ;)

Vote for the Recipe you want to see next Thursday! (This week I'll be posting Macho Nachos from last week's menu.)

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  1. I'm obviously too slow, but I'd like to see that beef teriyaki bowl...


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