Monday, April 18, 2011

Menu: April 11-17 & a Blogging break

I've been itching to make tamales again lately, so I asked my tamale making friend to help me again... okay so we've both only made them once before - last fall. I will have to say that tamales are not HARD to make they just take TIME! I actually made enough this time to freeze some, which I did. So now next time I start craving tamales, I just have to pull them out of the freezer. I'm super excited about that. I'll let you know how they taste when I make them (I froze them before steaming, so I will have to steam them for over an hour!)

In other news, my husband submitted a draft of his thesis to his advisor about two weeks ago. He heard back and now has some edits to make. Unfortunately with how busy our lives have become and the whole sharing the computer I'll be taking a break to let him make the final leap to the end. We're hoping he can defend in the next 30 days! I will be posting the recipe from last week's poll - Chipolte Black Bean Soup sometime in the next week. If I get time to work on any posts I will be posting a tied recipe from about a month ago that I haven't gotten to as well (The Cuban Seasoned Pork Chops.) Once he's done with the writing of his thesis (which won't take the next 30 days - hopefully only two weeks) I'll be back and will be having a giveaway!

Here's the menu:

Tuesday: Tamales ** I included variations at the end of the post.
Wednesday: Tamales

Thursday: Tamales

Friday: Ate out

Saturday: Tortellini with Red Pepper Sauce (sorry no pictures)

Sunday: Spinach Bacon Quesadillas (Sorry no pictures)

No poll this week!


  1. Your entire menu sounds delicious to me! I know my grocery store sells masa harina, but where do you get dried corn husks?

    Enjoy your break from blogging while your husband finishes editing his thesis!

  2. I can find corn husks at the local grocery store as well, which works great. They are usually sold in a small Mexican section (in our store it is usually at the end of an isle.) If you're in a larger area, specialty stores would sell them. Or you can order them online (just search for tamale corn husks.)


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