Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Menu: April 4-10

The beginning of last week was a rough one for me, which is reflected in the food we ate ;). Luckily this week is already doing better. Which you will also be able to tell in the menu I post next week!

However I want to discuss something else tonight. Last week I read a couple of posts about making bird nests and for the life of me I cannot find them anywhere! I didn't bookmark them because I knew how I was going to make them myself. I was going to transform the Little Critters recipe I shared earlier into bird nests! However I made them with pretzles and LOVED it. I made some with milk chocolate chips mixed with peanut butter chips, I made some more with white chocolate chips mixed with peanut butter chips, and then I combined some of the two batches. Verdict: Pretzles are SO much better than the chow mein noodles. However you'll want to break them up. Broken up mini twists are better than the straight sticks as they form better shapes. White chocolate - delicious! Milk and white chocolate mixed - delicious!
Here's our menu: 

Monday: Leftover Night

Tuesday: Frozen Pizza

Wednesday: Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches (Same as grilled cheese but with ham lunchmeat.)

Thursday:We must not have had something spectacular as I forgot to make a note and have totally forgotten what we ate!
Friday: Chef Salad
Saturday: Bacon & Spinach Quiche (It's true, hubby got SECONDS of quiche with this!)
Sunday: Chipolte Black Bean Soup (this soup may not look visually appetizing, but it is SO good!)

Vote for the recipe you want to see next week!  Tortilla & Black Bean Casserole won last week's poll and will be posted this Thursday.

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  1. I'm definitely diggin' on black beans right now, so I would love to see that soup recipe!


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