Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu: May 10-16

This week I loved the menu we had... As I was posting getting the pictures ready, I wish I could have all of them right now. Unfortunately that is not going to happen, but after I post this I'm going to go eat lunch.  As I looked over what we've eaten in the past 3 weeks, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian are definitely on the menus. I loved eating all of the different ethnic foods. Maybe next time I'll go with Mediterranean. We'll see.

Here's our menu:

Abbreviations: FPO - Final Photos of recipe only, SBS - Step by Step pictures of the recipe.

Monday: Gorditas (FPO)

Tuesday: French Bread Pizza (I was running late on this day and used canned spaghetti sauce on french bread and topped with some of my pizza favorite toppings, this is a really easy and delicious meal. I did lightly toast the bread on each side under the broiler before making.)

Wednesday: Home made Ravioli (FPO)

Thursday: Stuffed shells (FPO)

Friday: Mom Grilled (I really love grilled food!)

Saturday: Leftover day

Sunday: Macaroni & Cheese (SBS), watermelon and steamed broccoli

Be sure to vote for which recipe you want to see on Thursday - poll is in the left hand column.

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