Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here's my goals from this past week:

Sugar Intake Reduction -  I overindulged eating some cookies this week, but other than that I've done pretty well.

One New recipe per week - I made Chinese Dumplings for the first time this past week.

Exercise 3 times per week - I'm pretty much back into my pattern of 3 exercise videos per week - this week I'm trying to increase the videos to 5 times per week. I still need to do better with afternoon walks.

Read 1 good book per month - Haven't selected the book for this month, yet.

How are your goals coming? Feel free to comment every week so we can help each other keep on track!


  1. Way to go, Crystal! :) I've not been exercising much, unless you count digging some holes with the hubby (our ground has a lot of clay and shale).

    Going to the library today and am going to get a book. I love reading! I have been reading some books about different women from the Bible (fictional, but really good "Abigail" and "Aquilla and Pricilla") - by Lois Henderson.

    I need to get back into a good exercise program. Have an elliptical and a wii fit plus that I love. time just escapes me lately.

    My hubby and I started doing the point system by weight watchers (though we're not "official" members). So I've been eating A LOT less!

    I enjoy browsing your blog! :)

  2. Looks like you have some great goals!

  3. Great goals. Don't you get bored of doing the same exercise videos? I think variety is key.


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