Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goals - May 19-25

Here's my goals from this past week (exciting news at the end!):

Sugar Intake Reduction - I've done really well this past week, I did make an apple crisp for dinner one night, but that's about it - besides my eating of dark chocolate throughout the week.

One New recipe per week - Monday I made 5 cheese stuffed shells - they turned out really well.

Exercise  - I've been doing pretty well with exercise, yesterday I did some basic yoga and stretched out a lot more than usual because I was feeling tight but did not get my increased heart rate. I did take a class in flexibility in college and learned how important it is, so I'm thinking of doing a warm up and stretching day once per week.

Read 1 good book per month - Read Mary Poppins.

Now for my exciting news:
My wedding ring fits again!
I really love this ring, but there is one thing that makes it hard to wear when I gained weight:
It cuts into my finger and leaves behind an indentation so it is painful to wear when my finger is just a tad too fat.
Oh and I am back to what I weighed when I got pregnant!

How are your goals coming? Feel free to comment every week so we can help each other keep on track!

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